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Navigating Denver's Deck Building Permits: A Step-by-Step Guide

Deck Building Measurements

Building a deck in Denver requires careful planning and adherence to local regulations. This guide will help you understand the process of obtaining deck building permits in Denver, Colorado.

1. Research and Planning:

Before starting your deck project, familiarize yourself with Denver's building regulations and deck construction laws. These guidelines ensure safety and compliance with local standards.

2. Determine Permit Requirements:

In Denver, most deck projects require a building permit. Exceptions may apply for ground-level decks under 200 square feet, but it's best to confirm with the Denver Development Services office.

3. Prepare Documentation:

Gather necessary documents, including:

- Site plan showing property lines and deck location

- Detailed deck plans with dimensions and materials

- Structural calculations (if required)

- Proof of property ownership

4. Submit Application:

Apply for your permit through Denver's online permitting system or in person at the Development Services office. Pay the required fees, which vary based on project scope.

5. Review Process:

City officials will review your application and plans. This process typically takes 2-4 weeks for residential projects.

6. Revisions (if needed):

If your plans don't meet code requirements, you'll need to revise and resubmit them.

7. Permit Issuance:

Once approved, you'll receive your Denver deck permit. Display this prominently during construction.

8. Inspections:

Schedule required inspections at various stages of construction. These may include foundation, framing, and final inspections.

9. Final Approval:

After passing all inspections, you'll receive final approval for your deck.

Remember, building regulations in Colorado can vary by municipality, so always check local laws. By following this guide and working closely with Denver's Development Services, you'll ensure a smooth process for your deck construction project.


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